Photo Finish Friday

Great idea! (totally did this for Little Girl this week)

Aw, how sweet!

The water myth.


I have a bunch of peaches that need to be this.


This is late posting as I was playing 2 matches in the districts tennis tournament today. Whew. I'm so tired. My team won both times and I play again tomorrow. Wish me luck! Teresa

P.S. I looked very much like the woman above during the second match. Yep.


Ever wonder what becomes of all those pet beds we make? 
Ya, me too. But look! My friend Diana, who lives in my neighborhood, is a foster mom. We have teamed up to give all the puppies she fosters a bed to take with them to their forever home. 

Check out these little darlings!

 This guy is a little older, but I love how she matches the bed!
Oh goodness, this is motivation enough to keep making bags just so we have scraps to cushion these cuties. Teresa

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In Nashville…

As I told you on Friday, I spent this past weekend in Nashville. Whew, so much fun! And, such a whirlwind of friends, sites and events!

Bagette Ann picked me up at the airport and we got to have lunch and do some driving around. I drove by my old house and the green space down the street.  This whole area was flooded in 2010 and the houses were not rebuilt. Now it is a park with trails, awesome! It was still in limbo when we moved and the city was trying to decide what it would become.
 Isn't this great?
Then, I went and visited my peeps at Belmont University where I taught for 15 years. The campus has some new, lovely buildings. I don't even recognize this part of campus anymore!
 I was SO very excited to see these all over campus! Think before you automatically toss into "landfill!"
On Saturday night, my dear friend and former neighbor, Nicole got married. She met her match, I could not be more happy for her…
And, of course, on Sunday I got to see all my wonderful bagettes. In the back are Kathleen, Leyla, Ann, April, me, Margaret. Sitting, Rachel (with her new baby girl! I made her the quilt at the bottom of this post + this hoop) and Connie. I love all these people so very much…
 Nothing is better than a selphie with a cute baby!!!!
And, look what Margaret made with the corners we cut off the bottoms of the bags!!! Trim for her skirt!
 How cute is this? She is so creative.
Thanks Nashville, I had a blast! I promise it won't be as long between visits next time! Hugs to all of you. Teresa

Birds of a Feather WINNERS!

Congratulations to the following lucky folks:

WINNERS of the 15 Green Bag Lady shopping bags are:

Jean A (fb)
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Rhonda D, MO
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Birds of a Feather FREEBIE!

The kids going off to school remind me of flocks of birds heading off together. The perfect time for a birdie freebie don't you think?

We have 15 cute bird bags up for grabs. Flamingos, seagulls, owls…

To enter to win (open to everyone, world-wide):
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Photo Finish Friday

Nashville (source)
What a fabulous idea! Love it.

To try.



Fun DIY.

Have you seen this? Long, but so great. We should all be nice to each other…

Guess where I will be this weekend? Nashville. So excited to see my bagettes there and many other awesome peeps. I hope you have a fun weekend too! Teresa

Russia Bags!

Thank you very much! I'm happy! Very happy!

Yuliya S.

Morocco Bag!

*Morocco Bag *!

*Dear Teresa and Bagette Dad!*
*After 12 days  finally the bag arrived , thank you so much I really love it.*

Adila B.

Illinois Bags!

Hi Teresa,
Here is a bag photo for you.  I'm using my most recent bags at one of our local farmers' markets.  Oops, yes, there's plastic peeking out of there - it's keeping my berries together.  Next time I will remember to bring my recycled paper bags for those. But the others are chock full of fresh eggplant, summer squash and peaches in NO plastic!  I get so many compliments on my "doggie bag".  :)
All the best,

Canada Event + Bags!

I'm delayed in posting this. Cindy did an amazing event in Canada in July. She talked "trash" with people and encouraged them to pick up trash, recycle and be green in general. We were thrilled to be part of the event and sent her some bags to give out. Look at all these amazing photos she got of bags recipients. Thanks Cindy. Keep up the great work. We love what you are doing! Teresa

Hi Teresa.  I just wanted to let you know that your bags were a huge hit at the Farmer's Market today! Thanks again for sending them my way.  People were blown away when I told them that they had come all the way from Denver, and when I explained what you do.  I did a lot of "trash talking" today!

I don't know if you happened to catch a post of mine from LAST Saturday, but I gave one of your bags out early, to a fellow named Andy, who I was fortunate to meet last week.  Andy is from Vancouver, but is running across Canada right now, picking up trash as he goes.  He now has bag # 32719 hanging on the handles of the rig he's using for carrying his gear, and your bag has become part of that exciting adventure.  Pretty cool, right?

Take care,
Trash Walking Moms

Find Cindy HERE: